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Happy Wheels Unblocked

Billy bobby
About Happy Wheels Unblocked


Happy Wheels Unblocked is a ragdoll physics-based platform game developed by Fancy Force, control your characters pass through the levels without injuries.

Happy Wheels is known as a graphic-violent game. Besides the variety of original, have countless levels produced by players with public maps. So you can explore the genius produced by players in its original form today and experiment with the different characters.

There is innumerable option in which some characters are easier to play. Depending on the level, you could find yourself riding your wheelchair through someone's stomach or plowing through a forest on an angry cat.

The goals of each level: reach the end or collect all the tokens. Some levels are fully objective. You can even create your own and share your own for testing with other players in the world.

The Original Happy Wheels characters

Each character in this action game has an ability unique of them.

  • The first character is Wheelchair Guy, a slightly ragged-looking older man in a jet-powered wheelchair. As you can imagine, a jet-powered wheelchair is pretty tough to control without causing severe injury.
  • Segway Guy can jump, and Wheelchair Guy can turbo boost his jet thrusters to move faster. Segway Guy, on the other hand, he's a bit more manageable, and a common choice among seasoned Happy Wheels gamers.

Features of Happy Wheels

  • Countless user-made levels to play on
  • Plenty of hilarious ways to meet your fate
  • Various characters with different advantages
  • Design and build your own levels

How to play Happy Wheels

  • Arrow keys to move
  • Spacebar to shoot or jump
  • Ctrl or Shift for secondary actions