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8 Ball Pool

Billy bobby
About 8 Ball Pool


 8 Ball Pool is a puzzle sports game. Your mission is to win in billiards battle in three game modes. It's not easy because of the great skills of your opponents!

 Welcome to the billiards game where you can experience the realistic billiards battles! Make use of this opportunity to put your billiards talents to the test!

 In order to complete the game, you must get all seven balls into the hole before hitting the number eight ball last. Choose which hole you wish to hit with the eighth ball before taking the shot with the eighth ball. Furthermore, if you violate the rules of the game, your opponent has the ability to move the cue ball to a different location. The act of touching an opponent's balls, as well as the cue ball falling into the hole, and the balls falling out of the playing field, are all considered offenses.

Features of 8 Ball Pool 

  • Superb and realistic gameplay
  • Great effects and sounds
  • Easy to understand

How to control

  • Hold and drag the left mouse backward to create force
  • Release the mouse to shoot