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Assault Bots

Billy bobby
About Assault Bots


  • Blayze Games' Assault Bots (previously Bot Machines) is a fantastic real-time multiplayer vehicle-fighting game. Choose from a variety of weaponry, then go into battle to annihilate your foes. Bullet Force and Plated Glory are other Blayze games.
  • The option to swap your weaponry is one of the characteristics of Assault Bots that keeps gameplay new. You'll get two free slots in every game to chose from a variety of weaponry, including shotguns, machine guns, RPGs, grenade launchers, and more. Each weapon has advantages and disadvantages.
  • Featured:
    Beautiful graphics with realistic context.
    High speed.
    There are 3 game modes: Bot Battle, Team Deathmatch, Legacy mode Add-ons like healing, and booster.
    Customize your vehicle's body and movements.
  • Release date
    June 2020
  • Developers
    Blaze Games

How to play

use WASD or arrow keys - Move
Left mouse button - Aim and shoot
Right mouse button - Zoom
1 and 2 - Weapon Switch
Space bar - Handbrake
Shift - Turbo
E - Jump
R - Reload
T - Chat
TAB - View Scoreboard
ESC - Pause