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Biozombie Outbreak

Billy bobby
About Biozombie Outbreak


  • Biozombie Outbreak is an extremely attractive zombie shooting game. This is an action game that many people love. Do you dare to face the scary zombies?
  • The peaceful city is under a terrible attack from the evil zombies. They attack everyone. Your mission is to fight them to protect the city. You have guns and other necessary equipment for this war. Use them effectively to destroy all zombies. You need to be very careful and be on high alert because zombies are really scary and dangerous. If you are attacked by them you will lose and cannot complete the mission. Now join this fierce battle to prove you are a good and brave gunner. Wish you victory over zombies!
  • Featured:
    Shooting games.
    The most popular shooting game.
    Scary zombie game.
    Dramatic fighting game.
    Scary zombie 3D graphics.
    Aam attractive realistic sound.
    Simple gameplay.

How to play

WASD - Move.
LMB - Shoot.
Yuan - Target.
Mouse Wheel - Change weapon.
R - Reload.
Space - Jump.
P - Pause.
G - Grenades.