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Blocky Roads Online

Billy bobby
About Blocky Roads Online


 Blocky Roads Online is an addictive running and action game in which you have to complete all missions at each level and reach the finish line. 

 Let's explore a variety of maps, each with its own set of challenges in this game. Blocky Roads Online is expected to provide wonderful and enjoyable moments thanks to different great features, hard maps, and challenging levels. Let's start now and enjoy!

 To complete each level, you must drive an automobile. Each level offers its own set of challenges. You may be tasked with avoiding running out of gas, reaching the finish line, killing all zombies, or simply surviving the ball. If you want to complete levels, pay attention to your missions and complete them. Use collected gold coins on your race to unlock new vehicles. These unlocked automobiles may make it easier for you to control the vehicle.

Features of Blocky Roads Online

  • Exciting gameplay
  • Various maps and levels with challenging missions
  • Collect gold coins to unlock new cars

How to control

  • Use the mouse to drive or touch the screen to play on mobile devices.

Release Date

  • Feb 17, 2022