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Car Eats Car 2

Billy bobby
About Car Eats Car 2


  • Car Consumes Automobile 2 is a fun side-scrolling car driving game in which you must conquer tough roads and numerous obstacles in order to collect as many red diamonds as possible.
    You should keep an eye on the route to prevent being stopped or losing your balance by the numerous hazards that litter the roadway. The goal is to finish each level. You could have trouble balancing the car at first. After all, you'll be alright if you start with extremely basic equipment. The red gems will allow you to boost your stats by purchasing upgrades from the in-game store. You can also gather other powerups to offer you an advantage against enemies in addition to these upgrades. You'll also come across some devastating special attacks that can put a stop to your progress.
  • Featured:
    There are 50 distinct achievements to obtain.
    Keep track of your progress with statistics.
    There are 20 levels in total.
    Upgrade your vehicle by shopping.
  • Tips:
    Try to stay focused and be able to master your means.
    Vehicle upgrade

How to play

  • Use the arrow keys to drive your car. The up and down arrow keys are used to accelerate or press the brake. The right and left arrow keys are used to balance your vehicle while you are in the air. Press the Z key to activate your nitro fuel and the X key to use any special powers you pick up along the way. Use SPACEBAR to drop bombs.