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Cookie Clicker City

Billy bobby
About Cookie Clicker City


Experience our newest free online game Cookie Clicker City, click to create a huge amount of cakes, use the generated cakes then convert into modern tools to develop empty land into a bustling, modern city.

Your goal is to click on the largest cake on a separate island to make a plethora of tiny cakes. Use the cake you make to develop the land from primitive to contemporary. Use the cake you make to buy important objects that will aid you in the formation of a typical city. New and cutting-edge. The products and architecture you purchase will dramatically enhance the number of cakes you can make.

The game has five distinct stages of development. Up to 18 buildings can be built at any time in the game to help you grow your city and increase production efficiency. In this game you can unlock around 600 upgrades and 700 achievements. There are so many other great things to learn


  • The most important thing is patience and proper use of accumulated cookies
  • When playing, it's a good idea to try to save cookies and increase the number of cookies received per click in order to get additional cookies.

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How to play

Use left mouse to click:

To purchase the structure you want, click the homepage button.

Upgrade by clicking the arrow symbol.

To see your city's accomplishments, click on the cup icon.

To change the game's settings, click the wheel symbol.