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Billy bobby
About DEUL


DEUL is an amazing ragdoll physics shooting action game not to be missed. This fast-paced game will test your shooting skills including reflexes, accuracy, and timing.

If you are fighting another player, you must shoot them before they shoot you. As you advance, you level up and your opponents quickly attack. You will revert to the original if you get shot. Quick reaction is required to win this duel game. You will meet opponents from China, London, Russia, and Brazil, try to keep your opponents in a draw. Let your extravagance soar as you climb our leaderboards with higher scores and points earned from each win.


  • Be quick to think and act first.
  • Once you have defeated your opponents, keep shooting them to free up more coins and enjoy the ragdoll physics show.
  • Pay attention to the possibilities of making more money. Some levels may have a flying pigeon or a shot container.

How to play

Shoot by left click.

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