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Evil Nun Schools Out

Billy bobby
About Evil Nun Schools Out


  • Under the effects of the virus, all of the nuns who teach at one of the schools turn into monsters. You must assist a young man in escaping from school in the game Evil Nun Schools Out. On the screen in front of you, one of your character's classes will appear. Check everything and find a weapon as soon as possible. Then you'll need to depart the classroom and walk down the hallway toward the exit. Take a good look around. You could be attacked by a nun at any time. To destroy it, you'll need to utilize your weapon. Attempt to gather awards that fall from nuns. These products will be useful on your journey.
  • The goal of the game is to try to get away from the terrifying demonic nun that walks through the school halls and listens to everything!!! In escape mode, look for the mummy to shoot and knock it down while running, or play Shooting mode and look for the mummy to shoot and knock it down while running.
  • Featured:
    Dramatic scary horror game.
    Shooting action game.
    Devil game.
    Realistic horror graphics.
    Captivating sound.

How to play

W, A, S, D to move
F to interact/hide/use item
G to get grenades
T to Unhide
UnhideEscape to pause
Left CTRL to crouch
X to crouch in space to jump