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Feed Us

Billy bobby
About Feed Us


 Feed Us is an exciting action game in which you need to feed piranhas by hitting boats and collecting blood. Upgrade your fish to increase the damage.

 In this game, your task is to feed the piranhas by toppling ships to beat and bite people for blood. Hit boát to sink them. The more health collected, the larger the size of the piranha. When you collect enough health for that level, you will move to the next level in another sea area. Each hunting area has a different number of commuters. Note that piranhas can be destroyed by electric propellers. Besides, seaweed will also slow down your movement speed. Please note!

 You can upgrade your piranhas with collected coins in the hunting process. Increase your finds to swim faster and your number of piranhas to eat more. Upgrade your spine to hit boats harder and your jaws to eat faster. Finally, let’s increase your scales to be more resistant.

 Features of Feed Us

  • The bloody action game
  • Easy controls
  • Various levels and hunting areas

 How to control

  • Slide your mouse to control piranhas