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Four In A Row

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Billy bobby
About Four In A Row


 Four In A Row is a unique puzzle board game. If you like games that need you to use logical thinking, then you should start this great game right now.

 Four In A Row is a part of the popular category of traditional board games. In order to demolish four flags carrying the same color, your duty is to drop flags of the same color.

 To get four chips in a row, drop the chips into the columns one at a time. Click a column on the board or click and drag your chip into a column to drop it there. To win the game, line up four pieces vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. You can play with friends, compete online, or play against the computer.

 Block the winning space of the adversary. When it's your turn, scan the board to see if you can find any clusters of three discs pointing in any one direction. Drop a piece if you can to block the fourth position. Be careful not to put your piece below that winning location if you can't quickly block the void or if the winning void is in the second row.

How to play

To drop your gem on the column you want you just click on the position of the column you want to drop

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