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Freddy Run 1

Billy bobby
About Freddy Run 1


 In Freddy Run a thrilling and scary chase. You are lost in a dark world and are threatened by ghosts. Try to overcome this nightmare road to return home!

 As a child, everyone must have been afraid of ghosts. Freddy Run 1 is a creepy running game in which you must assist a young child named Freddy in surviving a nightmare. The action takes place inside a haunted castle with numerous deadly traps and scary monsters attempting to take you down, but be careful that you will also fight the wicked Soul Catcher in each of the five levels. He will constantly pursue you, so brace yourself as soon as he emerges behind you and begin pulling your sharp scythe to prepare, then press the jump button to escape being knocked unconscious. Consider collecting as many gold coins as possible, as reaching 100 will grant you an extra life.


 Keep in mind that, in addition to fighting with standard adversaries, you'll have to evade Soul's Catcher's scythe attacks from behind, so keep an eye on him once he emerges. To evade the sharp blade, press the jump button as soon as he pulls the scythe back ready to attack.


  • Fun 2D platform running game.
  • Scary realistic sounds.
  • Control the character of a boy named Freddy.
  • There are 5 levels waiting for you to conquer.

How to play

  • Use Left and Right Arrows to move left and right.
  • Up arrow to jump.
  • Hold to jump longer.
  • X to shoot