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Freddy Run 3

Billy bobby
About Freddy Run 3


 In the game Freddy Run 3, the boy Freddy had a nightmare. The boy is chased by an evil ghost in a dark and scary world. He only had to run fast forward to escape from this place!

 Freddy is trapped in a terrifying castle in his nightmare. He is being attacked by skull knights who are out to kill him. There are poisonous scorpions everywhere. So, obviously, running through this castle will be a difficult ride for him. Fortunately, you're there to assist him in jumping over gaps, stooping over sharp knives, and jumping on scorpions to kill them. With your assistance, this terrifying nightmare will be a little less terrifying for our little boy. He will fight the monstrous knights and, hopefully, you will be able to escape this nightmare with him! Are you prepared to assist him in overcoming this traumatic experience and fighting for his life?


  • You must use your keyboard to guide Freddy through the castle levels. As you run and jump over spikes and pits, collect coins.
  • Avoid the scorpions and use your fireballs to destroy the evil skeletons!
  • You only have three lives at each level, so take your time and be cautious! How many levels will you be able to complete?

How to play

  • Use the Arrow Keys to control Freddy to move and jump.
  • Use the X key to shoot.