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Galactic Sniper

Billy bobby
About Galactic Sniper


  • Space shooter: Galactic Sniper is the ideal game for you if you enjoy arcade shooting games with new modern battling and want to give your galaxy games more freedom. Space shooter: Galaxy attack puts you on fire with the shooting screen into infinity, with the traditional free space game genre, the ancient game with a new context. In galactic conflicts, you'll encounter a slew of terrible foes as well as a slew of striker bosses. Are you certain you'll make it through the alien shooting war?


  • Tips:
    - Use your mouse to navigate your spaceship while avoiding hostile bullets.
    - Upgrade or evolve your starship with cash and gems to combat enormous opponents and alien invaders.
    - For each stage and boss, use the appropriate spaceship and approach.
    - To level up faster, remember to use power-up and level-up items.


  • Featured:
    Exciting fun shooting game.
    Fighting action game.
    Vast cosmopolitan space.
    Beautiful and realistic 2D graphics.
    Thrilling sound.
    Suitable for all ages.


How to play

Draw a chariot using your finger, and then use your combat advantage to its maximum potential whenever you want.
Then there's the variety of attack methods. To assault your opponent, simply click the screen.
The level's background can be changed at any time, and then you must fight to become the final winner.

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