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Galaxy Slope

Billy bobby
About Galaxy Slope


 Galaxy Slope is a very popular and loved 3D game. It has never ceased to be hot as evidenced by the fact that it still exists to this day. Here, We present you with a new unique Galaxy Slope game in which you will have to concentrate intensely and quickly because it will be a challenging difficult task. You can see that this is a game based on the original Slope version but with more innovative graphics and gameplay, where your character is a 3D ball rolling downhill in a grid space. endless oh. Can you conquer this difficult challenge to break the record of the best?

 In this exciting game, your task is to control a large ball on a neon background, and your goal is to avoid colliding with objects on this slope and absolutely not let the ball fall into the cliff. On the downhill journey, planets and galaxies will pass by. This is a beautiful sight. Make it as far as possible while avoiding all the obstacles or trying to set a new record.

How to play

  • Use the arrow keys to navigate the ball.
  • To restart the game, press the spacebar.