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Gangster Hero Grand Simulator

Billy bobby
About Gangster Hero Grand Simulator


 Gangster Hero Grand Simulator is an exciting shooting game with a lot of action. You have to complete assignments throughout the city as a criminal gangster.

 You will have the opportunity to participate in a gangster crime simulator in this game. You're a gangster, and everyone in New York City is afraid of you. You can participate in automobile, truck, or motorcycle racing as well as shooting battles by playing this game. Let's go out and buy a bunch of guns and use bullets and bombs to eliminate your opponents. To become the last person surviving, use the minimap to spot your opponents as they approach you and exterminate them before they find you.

 This game is designed with a diversity of choices. You can select your character, costume, vehicles, weapons, and various missions. Let's become a gangster and complete all tasks! Good luck!

Features of Gangster Hero Grand Simulator

  • Gangster crime life in the city
  • Various vehicles, such as: trucks, tanks, sports cars, and other autos
  • Select character and costume
  • Realistic sounds and cool graphics

How to control

  • W -Accelerate
  • S -Backward
  • A -Steer Left
  • D -Steer Right
  • C -Change Camera
  • R-Reset Car
  • Space – Jump
  • L-Shift – Sprint / Nitro
  • M -Map
  • F -Car Enter/Exit
  • I -Instructions
  • P/Esc -Pause
  • H -Horn
  • Q -Roll
  • E -Inventory
  • Z -Radio