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Grass Cutter

Billy bobby
About Grass Cutter


 Grass Cutter is a puzzle game where you make the strategies to clear all the grass. If you make a mistake on some level, you have to restart that level.

 Grass Cutter is a suitable game to play in your leisure time. In this game, you have to use the blade to cut off all the grass. However, the grass grows in the corners and paths which are difficult to cut off. Therefore, before cutting the grass, you have to make a strategy to clean all the grass without restarting the level. There are many levels for you to play. After cleaning all the grass, many flowers will blossom which is very gorgeous. Try to clean the grass in the hidden corner and path first because the blade can’t come back in some positions. Although simple gameplay, being a master is quite difficult. Let’s try your best to clean all grass and pass all the levels. 

 Grass Cutter will help you kill time and relax after a long day. Kids and children can play the game. 

 Features of Grass Cutter

  • Easy gameplay and simple control
  • Fun and exciting game with many levels
  • It’s suitable for all age groups 

 How to control

  • Drag the mouse along the roads.