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Billy bobby
About Gunblood


 Gunblood is an intriguing shooting action game in which you need to aim and shoot down your opponents in 9 levels. Try to kill them first and gain a high score.

 Put your hand on the strap of your gun and wait for the count of 3 to 1. Draw your gun as fast as you can and shoot your enemies first. You have a blood bar at the top of the screen. You will die if this blood bar runs out. Besides that, you only have 6 bullets to shoot. Aim exactly! Let's place your mouse over the chamber and start the fight right after the countdown ends.

 The game has 9 different rounds. After completing 9 rounds, you can continue the game with new opponents and your achievements are recorded. If you die in battle, you'll lose all achievements you've earned in the past.

 Features of Gunblood

  • The exciting and competitive shooting game
  • 9 levels with 9 different opponents
  • Leaderboard for top 200 players

 How to control

  • Slide your mouse to aim 
  • Click the mouse left button to shoot