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Hard Wheels

Billy bobby
About Hard Wheels


  • In Hard Wheels, you'll pilot an incredible monster truck through a variety of hard tracks. Many challenges await you along the journey, and you'll need all of your driving talents to overcome them. You must keep the vehicle from tipping over. In this 2D side-scrolling monster truck game, can you complete all 12 levels?
  • As you attempt to complete each course as rapidly as possible, strive to take on the monster truck challenge. As you try to reach the finish line without crashing, drive your truck past various obstacles. In this fun online truck racing game, keep driving until you conquer all of the stages.
  • Featured:
    Amazing physics.
    Beautiful graphic.
    Funny sounds.
    12 levels to beat.
    Side-scrolling camera view.
    Suitable for all ages.
  • Tips:
    There will be numerous difficulties in your way, so be prepared to demonstrate your abilities to the next level. To get a feel for the game, drive a little slower than usual at first.
  • Release date

How to play

W or up arrow to accelerate.
S or down arrow to drive backward.
ADVERTISEMENT or left/right arrows to tilt.
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