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Heavy Combat: Zombies

Billy bobby
About Heavy Combat: Zombies


  • Heavy Combat: Zombies is a terrifying third-person shooter in which you are alone against hordes of man-eating zombies that are attacking you! You have to perform many different tasks, the difficulty will increase gradually; But, no matter what mission you do, there will be aggressive zombies waiting for you! The only way to survive is to eliminate them all.
  • There are many levels to complete. Great gameplay and graphics, the zombies look realistic and scary. Use a variety of weapons to kill the undead and make sure you don't get bitten or you might get turned! Can you survive this fierce battle? Good luck!
  • Featured:
    Heavy Combat zombie special episode.
    Horror graphics.
    Vivid sound.
    Two maps.
    Total 30 levels.
    Many weapons to use.
    Many types of missions: find weapons/food, kill zombies, defend the area, and defeat bosses.
  • Developers

How to play

Move with the WASD or arrow keys.
Fire with the left mouse button.
Aim with the right mouse button.
F: select a weapon or make use of an item
pause (tab)
Switch weaponry using the number keys or the mouse wheel.
C: toggle between third-person and first-person perspectives.
Ctrl: stoop down
To run, turn left.