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Helix Jumping

Billy bobby
About Helix Jumping


  • Helix Jump Online is a popular arcade game. Move the pylon so that the ball falls to the ground.
  • In each level, smash the spiral maze to get to the bottom safely. Avoid all obstacles and make sure the ball does not land on the dead spot. When your ball collides with another color in this game you will face defeat. Simply enjoy the rush of a falling ball. To break the next point, click the breakpoints on the platform. As you aim to get a high score in this fun online game, collect coins to unlock different skins. Your score will reset to 0 if you lose, so try to complete the challenges.
    You can use the points earned to unlock different skins for your levels and balls.
  • Featured:
    A simple skill game based on a popular title.
    Ball patterns are subject to change.
    Collectible diamonds.
    Random background color on every new game.
    Web browser.
  • Tips: It's important to master your reflexes and perception. To guide the bouncing ball, you must rotate the platforms to align the ball with the cracks. Do this in quick succession to move the combo and score higher.
  • Release date:
    Helix Jump was originally released as a mobile app in February 2018. This fan-made game has been available since August 2018.
    This version is inspired by the game from Voodoo.

How to play

Use mouse, arrow keys or touch to play.