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Hero 2 Super Kick

Billy bobby
About Hero 2 Super Kick


 In the Hero 2 Super Kick game, you control a supergiant green hero in a town besieged by enemy troops! This hero is very strong and powerful; he can knock out anything in his path, but he has health and will die if he takes too much damage. He has a lot of fighting skills and techniques. Your mission is to destroy all of the enemies in the city and to make it a beautiful place. Let the hero conflict begin!
 In Hero 2 Super Kick, show off your kicks like the superhero you are! In the eyes of the guardians, you are a massive blue monster. But there is a big heart inside that massive body, ready to save good people. But they will stop at nothing to stop you, so prepare to save your life and the city!


  • Use different attack types and watch defeated enemies scatter.
  • Jump from building to building.
  • Destroy the snipers on the rooftops.
  • Use all your strength to crush all enemies!