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House Robber

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Billy bobby
About House Robber


 House Robber is a fascinating online game published by In this game, you have to steal all furniture as well as keys to complete a level.

 Your task is to control a boy to steal objects in the house. Steal as much as you can. Besides, there is a key. This key is located anywhere. Search and collect it. When you collect all 3 keys, you can unlock the bonus level. In this level, you can reach a rich house. There are gold, gems, and lots of money in the house of this level. Take advantage to get as much money as possible.

 However, the game is never easy. You will meet the guards and the police. They patrol constantly. You need to hide and avoid getting caught. You can transform it into a box for camouflage. Besides, the police will follow a fixed route. You should take note of that. Avoid the lights of the police. When you go is detected, the game will be over.

Moreover, the game has many different levels. Each level has its own challenge. Collect all the objects and avoid the police. Get out of the car safely and move to the next level. Note, when you complete a level, you can get a new character. To get this bonus, you need to advertise your vehicle. In addition, you can absolutely buy them in the Shop. The characters are extremely diverse in design. Choose your favourite character and start the race.


 In this game, you will dress up as a boy. Because of his poor family, he went to steal. However, the boy not only stole for himself, but he also helped other poor people. The boy will go to rich families. These houses are fully furnished with tables, chairs, cabinets, etc. In particular, there is also money and gold. When he went to steal, the boy always had to be careful because of the police. There are always policemen to protect the house. Help the boy complete his goal!

 How to control: Slide your mouse to move your character.

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