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Hugie Wugie Runner

Billy bobby
About Hugie Wugie Runner


 In the game Hugie Wugie Runner you will experience a special feeling. Not your usual bike racing game because it is an endless game, with easy and fun gameplay mechanics as well as a really amazing and thrilling adventure for you. Surely you will have a great experience when playing this game. Have to see how far you can get in this race because your achievement in the game is calculated by distance, so the greater the distance you reach the higher the score you get.

 Do you want to enjoy our amazing game right now! Be careful not to fall because the bumpy road will make you lose your balance, because if you fall you need to start over and you will also lose if you run out of energy without replenishing it in time, so please remember to try to collect batteries when found, You collect as many as you can to recharge yourself and continue to advance in the race to the finish line.

 Good luck in this fun race, all the best we wish you all and always have fun, we invite you to stay tuned for more fun by the games. Fun play is always updated regularly, don't miss a thing in it!

How to play

  • Use the arrow keys to accelerate and balance the bike
  • Press back/forward to balance the bike.
  • Press the up/down arrow keys to move the bike in the direction you want.