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Human Wheel

Billy bobby
About Human Wheel


 Join the fun online game Human Wheel now to play the game of gathering people and creating wheels. This is a quirky and novel game that is sure to give you a good time playing the game.

 Human Wheel is a game that combines teammates. Surely you have never played a strange game like this before. This is the uniqueness that makes the difference in the game and makes an impression on the player after the first experience. Have you ever imagined a large wheel circle created by many people? This crazy thing can't happen but in this game, it is your duty. Combine more teammates to make a bigger wheel and roll forward faster. There will be many challenges along the way. But if you can ride this giant wheel well then you will finish with a high score.

  • What you need to keep in mind in this game are the teammates. Get together with as many people as possible. Large wheels will be to your advantage.
  • Overcome obstacles well with your inherent skills and reflexes. There will be a lot of different obstacles but you will definitely do well.

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