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Imposter Dash

Billy bobby
About Imposter Dash


 Imposter Dash is a special buddy session based on the rhythm game Geometry Dash. But in this great version, you will control the character Among US.
 In this game, you carry an impostor Red into Red and he needs to return to his world. He is lost in a very scary world and there are people looking for him to attack. He is very scared and all he can do now is run forward. However, the road ahead is also extremely difficult and many deadly electric casinos are densely arranged everywhere. Help him get through them safely and return to his planet.

Of course, the distance you covered will be used to evaluate your performance, so we expect it to be significant. Good luck and have fun!
 Jump correctly to be able to overcome the electric traps. It is arranged both above and below the path. If you jump high or low, you can hit them and you will be dismembered.

How to play

Left-click to jump.