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Load Up and Kill

Billy bobby
About Load Up and Kill


  • Load Up and Kill is a popular killing game that is both exciting and easy to play. So, what exactly are you waiting for? In this violent game from ESP Animations, pick up a gun, load it up, and kill the ugly guy in an orange prisoner jumpsuit. You are free to repeat this process as frequently as you like. You can also pick from a large armory of weaponry.
  • To activate your deadly weapon and enter the room, simply click on the appropriate location. Whether you're looking for a chainsaw or a rifle, you'll find it here. Every weapon is available for you to employ in order to eliminate that individual. Are you all set? You've got 500 seconds to finish your task. Load Up and Kill is a lot of fun.
  • Featured:
    Horror killing game.
    Scary 2D graphics.
    Real sound.
    There are many levels waiting for you.
    The game is not suitable for children.
  • Tips:
    You will be escorted to the prisoner's cell to complete the mission after completing the weapon loading. You may keep repeating this until you've used up all of your points, so try out all of the different weapons and see how they perform!

How to play

Click on the weapon you want to use, then click on the section of the weapon you need to interact with or follow the prompts for some weapons.