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Lucky Life

Billy bobby
About Lucky Life


 Lucky Life is a bloody adventure game. You have to control a man to overcome all deadly obstacles and traps. Reach the destination and move to the next level!

 One day, you go out but the outside is full of obstacles and death. Are you lucky enough to overcome all these obstacles and move to the finish line? Are you ready to join this game and try your hand at dangerous threats? Let's start the game and enjoy it!

 This game has many levels. Each level has different traps and dangerous obstacles such as bombs, bows and arrows, saw blades, and many other dangerous items. Bow and go through the bows. Jump over saw nets and bombs. Find ways to get past them safely! Besides, remember to collect enough three stars to get the game achievement!

 The mechanics are simple. You only need to use arrow keys to move. Good luck!

 Features of Lucky Life

  • Simple mechanics and easy controls with arrow keys
  • Various levels with different maps and obstacles
  • Collect stars
  • Cool graphics and effects

 How to control

  • Use arrow keys to play the game.