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Mad Truck Challenge Special

Billy bobby
About Mad Truck Challenge Special


  • Mad Truck Challenge Special is a monster truck racing game with a lot of action. Now is the time to race and accomplish all levels on various courses in this spectacular game! Shoot rockets against your opponents, or use nitro to accelerate up and outsmart them. Earn coins to upgrade your engines, rockets, nitro, absorbers, and more! Create your own Crazy Truck by unlocking custom decals and borders. To find out more, spin the wheel of fortune.
  • You're behind the wheel of an incredible monster truck in the specially unlocked Crazy Truck Challenge, and you have to race against ferocious components in do-or-die side-scrolling action. Use rockets to destroy your opponents, and nitrogen to accelerate. Remember to collect coins along the route, since you'll need them to upgrade your engines, armor, and rockets in order to compete in the next race.
  • Tips:
    You'll need to think about more than racing to win the Crazy Truck Challenge Special. It's critical to collect coins as you move through each level since you'll need them to upgrade between levels. Pick up missiles so that you can use them to wipe down your opponents. Finally, nitrogen-filled pickups will keep you ahead of the competition when you need it the most. However, in order to retain the best potential speed, you must tilt your vehicle properly for each jump or barrier.

How to play

  • Left/right arrow keys or A/D: balancing
  • Space bar: using nitro
  • X: launching rockets