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Madness Deathwish

Billy bobby
About Madness Deathwish


 Madness Deathwish is a strange arcade and action game in which you can choose mad ways to die. Start this killing game and choose animations!

 In this game, you have no specific mission. You just need to choose the weapon you want to kill the opponents in the room. However, that was just the beginning of the story. After you kill everyone in the room, death will come to you. The leader of the opposing team comes and kills you. With each weapon you choose, a new way of dying will appear. Will you dare to go through all the ways of dying in this game?

 This game is a simulation of how to die when you resist and want to escape from the cell. Make your choice and see how you will die. The game offers you violent graphics and gameplay mechanics. Therefore, children under 12 years old should not play this game.

 Features of Madness Deathwish

  • The violent game
  • Various deathwish
  • Available for desktop and mobile

How to control

  • Use mouse click to play this game