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Massive Multiplayer Platformer

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Billy bobby
About Massive Multiplayer Platformer


 Join the action-packed puzzle adventure in the amazing Massive Multiplayer Platformer! Help the stickman to overcome all the toughest challenges!

 With Massive Multiplayer Platformer, you may enjoy a thrilling multiplayer racing game in which you must aid your character in surviving as long as you can. Even the most agile gamers can enjoy this adventure, which was inspired by the Vex video game series.

 This game is very suitable for players who love adventure and dramatic speed action games. Your task is really difficult and you need to analyze the situations posed on the track. Will you be able to control your character to overcome all the obstacles placed on the track? Remember you have a lot of opponents and you need to overcome them all to become the winner.

Use your agility to jump and sprint while avoiding the lava's flames, balance on pointed revolving blades, and use your brain and determination to climb to incredibly high, nearly impossible areas. Don't worry if your player turns rainbow; it just means you're the fastest. Break all the records and enjoy yourself!

How to play


  • Use WASD keys or arrow keys to move
  • Use Z to crouch
  • Use Space to jump/use a parachute
  • Use the N key to display all players' names
  • Hold E or R to open the Emoji panel
  • Hover over a player to see their personal name
  • Use the combination Q + R to reset the level for speed runs

Special move

  • Hold down and then up to jump high
  • Run then quickly press down, then up to jump far
  • On the slope, press down and left or right to slide
  • Jump on the wall, then press up again to jump the wall

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