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Merge Race 3D

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Billy bobby
About Merge Race 3D


In the Merge Race 3D running game, you get to fulfill your wildest scientific fantasies and design the craziest genetic experiments. The battle for evolution has begun!

Merge Race 3D is a fun running game with a weird twist that blends strategy, running thinking, and weird science to spark the imagination that creates the game's appeal. Perfect every runner pixel, show your devilish genius, and put them on the craziest evolution course.

Freestyle in the lab allows you to use your imagination to combine the DNA of many different creatures to create the ideal mutant runner. You can then put your experiments to the test by unleashing them to compete with the many-legged monsters of the wild in the ultimate survival game of the fittest.

More than ten different animals' DNA will be injected into your runner to create hundreds of genetic variations, each with a distinct genetic advantage that will help them overcome obstacles and weaknesses. Give your athlete the neck of a giraffe to stretch to the finish line, the wings of an eagle to soar above the competition, the arm of a spider to handle rough obstacles, and a pair of rabbit feet for good luck.

The universe of Merge Race 3D is a game that looks stunning down to the last pixel and is a fun and lively place to spend your time as you play with mad scientists in style. It features vibrant graphics, engaging character designs, innovative obstacles, and eye-catching animations.

How to play

Drag the mouse to control the running direction of the character.

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