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Mine Rope Rescue

Billy bobby
About Mine Rope Rescue


  • You must assist these characters in escaping the hills in Mine Rope Rescue! Fortunately, they have a long rope with which to flee. The bad news is that they won't be able to use the hook to hang the rope. It is your responsibility to assist them. You must devise a sound strategy so that they can descend safely and without colliding with any obstacles. Do you have what it takes to keep them safe right now?
  • In this amusing puzzle game, your mission is to create a passage between the various rocks so that the mini-figures can safely descend. You will, however, face fatal hurdles. These small swords will face round blades, moving spikes, and more. Collect as many coins as you can along the journey. Remember to collect the keys in the levels that follow. They assist you in removing these deadly impediments and opening up new possibilities. According to the remaining characters at the end of each level, you can earn up to three stars. Even if you save one, you only get one star for completing the level.

How to play

Use your mouse to grab and tie the rope