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Minecaves Noob Adventure

Billy bobby
About Minecaves Noob Adventure


 Minecaves Noob Adventure is an exciting adventure game. In this game, you have to control the Noob character to collect stars and gems while avoiding obstacles.

 Noob, Noob, Noob... Someone is saying your name outside the maze. You can hear this sound but can not answer and respond. Let's escape from the maze and find the person who wants to meet you.

 Your mission is to control your Noob character using WASD or arrow keys to move. Collect gems and stars on your way. When you complete collecting enough three stars, you can open the door leading to the next levels.

 This game has various levels with different maps and challenges.

 In addition, you have to face dangerous obstacles such as sharp thorns or deadly animals. Collect a hoe to destroy obstacles of squares with rewards. 

 Let's start this game to enjoy classic graphics, simple gameplay, and easy controls! It is sure that Minecaves Noob Adventure will bring you interesting and fun experiences.

 Features of Minecaves Noob Adventure

  • The intriguing adventure game
  • Classic graphics
  • Various levels
  • Easy controls and simple mechanics

 How to control

  • Use WASD or arrow keys to control your Noob character.