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Moto X3M

Billy bobby
About Moto X3M


  • Moto X3M is a free online bicycle racing game developed by Mad Puffers in 2016. This racing game quickly spread widely to users and received support and love from young people. The dynamic game has many levels, increasing difficulty will gradually increase with each level to increase the attractiveness for players. The aim is to pass each level as soon as possible and get a maximum of 3 stars. You need to skim through them carefully to avoid failure, and at the same time can glide through the air to reduce time and get a perfect score.
    - Over 170 challenging stunning levels
    - Unlockable super cool Bikes
    - Sick stunts and insane tricks as you flip and wheelie through levels
    - More high octane levels coming soon
    - Timed Levels
    - Checkpoints
    - User Selected Control scheme
  • Tips: Be flexible in any case to know when to stop, when to respawn, and watch the clock run, so you don't run out of time. In addition, to be able to cycle to the finish line as quickly as possible.

How to play

Use the arrow keys to accelerate, brake, or flip your bike. Make it through the course as quickly as possible. Do stunts in the air to shave time off of your run!