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Noob Ninja Guardian

Billy bobby
About Noob Ninja Guardian


Noob Ninja Guardian Is an addictive clicking action game in which you will transform into a guardian to protect a gate to your world from dangerous zombies.

Are you ready to fight and eliminate your opponents as a ninja? Come to this game to experience intense battles between you and the waves of zombies? Do you dare to take this responsibility?

In this game, the zombies are invading to destroy and eliminate your world. As a ninja and hero of your land, you need to lead and protect your world with your ability and power. You are responsible for guarding the gate. Try your best and don't let any zombie overcome this gate to intruse into your territory.

In order to attack zombies, you have to run from side to side to exterminate the waves of zombies and collect gold coins. Use earned coins to upgrade your skills. Note that there can be bombs after you kill zombies. Avoid these bombs if you don't want to lose.

Features of Noob Ninja Guardian

  • The exciting action game for singleplayer
  • Infinite battles
  • Various zombies 
  • Collect coins and upgrade your skills

How to control

  • Click your mouse to play the game.