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Noob vs pro 2 Jailbreak

Billy bobby
About Noob vs pro 2 Jailbreak


 Noob vs pro 2 Jailbreak is an action and adventure game in which you will control a vehicle to guide your Noob to the destination with limited energy.

 Welcome to the Noob vs pro 2 Jailbreak which is a new version of the Noob game series! Coming to this game, you have an opportunity to experience the exciting adventures of the guy, Noob.

 In this game, you will control a classic vehicle with limited energy. You need to use strategies to bring your Noob character reach the finish line. You can buy energy with 20 dollars for each gas tank. In addition, there are some zombies and obstacles on your way. Eliminate zombies and destroy barriers. Let's see the distance you can go with the limited energy! Moreover, you can load fuel in the middle of races in the gas station.

 You can improve your vehicle to increase the victory rate. Improve engine to create more fuel efficiency. Increase acceleration and max speed with wheels improvement. Or you also can kill enemies before the collision with the bow buying mode.

 Features of Noob vs pro 2 Jailbreak

  • Super and attractive action and adventure with Noob character
  • Improve your vehicle 
  • Have multiplayer mode

  How to control

  • Click on the acceleration button on the screen or the spacebar on the keyboard to move.