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Orc Invasion

Billy bobby
About Orc Invasion


 Join the fierce battle in the game Orc Invasion to protect your kingdom. Your mission in this game is as a knight to fight and defeat the attacks from the enemies.

 In the beautiful and peaceful kingdom, Suddenly attacked by evil forces. Everyone was very scared by the attack of the hateful Orcs. As a knight, you try to protect your queen and your beautiful kingdom.

  • Fierce battle. Bring the dramatic feel of the action.
  • Realistic combat gives the feeling of participating in a real war.
  • A fierce battle between knights and orcs.
  • Weapons include bow and sword.
  • 3 different battle scenes to choose from.
  • 39 variations of knights (male and female) waiting for you to unlock.
  • 32 variants of Orcs (male and female) waiting for you to destroy.
    Knights and Orcs are randomly appearing in different places creating a feeling of surprise and suspense.