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Playtime Horror Monster Ground

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Billy bobby
About Playtime Horror Monster Ground


 Playtime Horror Monster Ground is an addictive action game. In this game, you will control Freddy to find humans and eliminate them while collecting coins.

 The monster was angry with the human who created it but abandoned it. The monster bears a grudge against humans and returns to the city where it was created for revenge. The monster wants to destroy all humans who have been heartless about its loneliness.

 Control the monster character to move around the building and find the people hiding in it to destroy them. People can hide in cupboards, under tables, or in closed rooms. Sometimes, they even have the ability to transform into objects. Look out for items with an exclamation mark at the top. That's where people are hiding. You may also encounter the appearance of policemen who come to arrest you. However, you don't need to worry because you have special powers that can take down the cops in no time. In addition, don't forget to collect gold coins. There are various levels to conquer.

 You can use the collected money to buy items and weapons for your character to increase damage. As a monster, you can knock down walls. Have you ever possessed such supernatural powers? Come to this game and enjoy it!

 Features of Playtime Horror Monster Ground

  • The exciting action and adventures game
  • Easy controls and simple mechanics
  • Various levels

How to control

  • Control with the virtual joystick or WASD

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