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Puppets Cemetery

Billy bobby
About Puppets Cemetery


 Cemetery Puppets is a great shooting game! In this horror game, you get lost in the Graveyard and have to fight a lot of attacking zombies with only one gun.
 In this game, You are a pumpkin guy with a gun. You get lost in a scary cemetery in the middle of the night. There are a lot of zombies here. They attack everyone who sets foot in their graveyard and they will attack you to death. What to do in this scary situation?
 The only thing that can save your life is the gun in your hand. You need to show the skills of a sniper to be able to destroy all these evil zombies. But when you try to hold out, other zombies also sniff you and come to attack. So you need to destroy the new zombies that appear as soon as possible because if you don't kill them, the number of zombies will increase and you will hardly survive.

There are 10 skins in the shop. They are blocked. To buy 1, you need enough coins and kills. Save them to try other characters!


How to play

  • To maneuver and escape away from too many foes, use WASD. With the left mouse kicks, aim, and shoot.
  • New guns and ammo are included in the crates. To get them, press E, Space, or the right mouse button.