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Reckless Ramps

Billy bobby
About Reckless Ramps


 Reckless Ramps is one of the most beloved super fun Cartoon Network games. Try to get him to the finish line on the homemade trolley. But watch out for the ramps!

 Ryan Sumouski is reckless and wants to take his chances by engaging in some serious downhill action in his makeshift go-kart. This idea is crazy, but it will be fun and bring great experiences. Your mission in this game is to get him to the finish line safely, collect as many items as you can on the way down, and perhaps try a trick once in a while. But be careful with the slopes. It will be you soar into the air! absolutely do not fall and get injured because if you do, you will not be able to participate in the next race.


  • First and foremost, go ahead and decorate your car as you see fit. No one can compete with a ride that is ugly. Paint it in your favorite colors, then start gliding down some ramps after you're finished.
  • The only thing you have to watch out for is landing on your head. Oh, and stay away from the balls; they will cause you to lose your balance and you will most certainly crash into something.
  • Finally, remember to collect your coins and prizes. Once you've accumulated enough coins, you'll be able to gradually enhance your car into something capable of conquering all roads.

How to play

  • Use Right Arrow to speed up.
  • Up arrow to jump.
  • Left Arrow key to stabilizing yourself.