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Residence Of Evil

Billy bobby
About Residence Of Evil


  • Residence of Evil- a horror survival game that is loved by many people. You must explore an abandoned mansion and kill the undead to survive. Start this scary journey now!
    Your mission in this scary journey is that you have to investigate this sinister building and see what you can find. All of those will be weapons to help you defend yourself from the onslaught of youkai and undead. Get rid of them for safe survival!
  • Featured:
    Fast action with a good story.
    10 types of Zombies!
    Intuitive controls are easy to pick and play.
    There are three weapon options available.
    There are ten different and terrifying zombie models to choose from.
    a total of 20 levels.
    Incredible 3D graphics.
    Strong Communication in the Atmosphere.
    Using a web browser.
  • Release date
    February 2015 (Android). February 2019 (WebGL).
  • Developers
    Poison Games developed Residence Of Evil.

How to play

W A S D or arrow keys to walk
Left mouse button to shoot
Right mouse button to aim
Mouse wheel to change weapon
G for grenades
R to reload
F to select an item
Go left to run
Left Ctrl to bow
X lying on his stomach
V melee
Space bar to jump