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Restaurant Rush

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Billy bobby
About Restaurant Rush


 Restaurant Rush is an exciting arcade game in which you have to operate a restaurant to serve food to earn money and expand your restaurant with new food.

 Control your character by pressing and holding the left mouse button and moving the mouse to navigate your character. You move the mouse in which direction your character will move in that direction. When you first open a restaurant, business is difficult because you have to take on all the tasks in the restaurant. You will have to cook, wash dishes and serve customers. A character plays 3 roles: chef, dishwasher and waiter. However, after you have a profit, you can hire employees for each period to make the business easier.

 You will start the restaurant with 3 main dishes: hamburger, broccoli, and fruit juice. Customers come in constantly so you have to make sure you can serve them in time before they leave because of waiting too long. Besides, you can continue to receive VIP guests to receive more money. Expand your restaurant by unlocking seats for others and unlocking restaurants that serve new dishes to customers. What new dishes will you continue to do business with? Come to this game and enjoy it!

 Features of Restaurant Rush

  • Addictive gameplay
  • Unlock new food and expand your restaurant
  • Hire employees 

 How to control

  • Slide your mouse.

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