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Riders Feat

Billy bobby
About Riders Feat


 Race Riders Feat is a great racing game that is loved by many people. Your mission in this game is to help the cyclist overcome many obstacles on the way to the finish line. Avoid collisions by driving fast, braking, and jumping over all obstacles in your path. Complete all 12 levels to unlock all of the game's achievements.

 Riders A fun bike game to drive on exciting tracks/ Assist the bike rider in driving up and over the numerous obstacles on the way to the finish line. Avoid crashing by driving fast, braking, and moving safely on the ramps. Assist the rider in riding his bike through this difficult terrain and getting to the finish line as soon as possible.


  • Riders Feat is a physics-based racing game, so you need to know how to balance the car if you don't want an accident. The steep points will make your car fly and when you land, you need to control it carefully so that the car can stay balanced.
  • Simply ride your bike up and over all of the obstacles without collapsing.

How to play

Use the arrow keys to control your motorcycle.