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Running Santa

Billy bobby
About Running Santa


 Join the fun Running Santa game now! Christmas day is coming very close so Santa Claus is rushing to collect gifts to have enough Christmas gifts. Santa Claus always wants to bring meaningful and unexpected gifts to children on Christmas, so help him collect as many gift boxes in this fun game! Wishing you and your family a warm and happy Christmas!

 In this game, Santa has to run on a snowy road with lots of obstacles to collect gifts. This is a road full of snow mounds and chimneys that appear out of nowhere. It's not safe to run. But because he doesn't want to upset the little ones, Santa is still determined to collect enough gifts to complete the task. The more gift boxes you collect, the higher your score. If you safely run to the sea of ​​arrows then you will be taken to a new level.


  • Features of the Running Santa game: Cute and gorgeous hand-drawn animation
  • Some holidays call for spiritual music.
  • This is an interesting game.
  • It was a lot of fun!
  • Set the most records and brag to your friends and family about it.

How to play

The gameplay is similar to other running games. You just need to click so that Santa can jump over the obstacles.