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Santa On Wheelie Bike

Billy bobby
About Santa On Wheelie Bike


 Santa On Wheelie Bike is a great Christmas-themed game! You will become Santa Claus delivering gifts with his motorbike. Have fun with this pointy fun game!
You will be participating in an interesting experience when you are Santa Claus delivering presents this Christmas! However, there is a special thing that you will use motorbikes instead of sleds with reindeer. Looks like the reindeer are sick and can't help Santa this Christmas. So Santa Claus only had to use his vehicle and give gifts to the children himself. Don't let accidents happen on the way to deliver gifts. Otherwise, you will not complete the task in time. And the little ones are looking forward to your Christmas gifts this Christmas!

This challenge seems to be very simple but it is not! This motorcycle is very difficult to control if you have never played this game. At first, everyone will have difficulty keeping their balance and may stop the game from the first seconds. But that's completely normal. You will be able to control these vehicles if you take the time to get used to them. Then your skills in this fun game will improve dramatically. and we are very happy that new records are continuously being set at this fun game.

How to play

  • Use the mouse to play!
  • You need to click the left mouse button to make the car move and click continuously so that the front wheel does not touch the road.