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Santa's Xmas Adventure

Billy bobby
About Santa's Xmas Adventure


 Join Santa's Xmas Adventure game extremely fun right now! Are you late to be Santa to deliver presents to the little ones on Christmas? This is great!
 In this fun game, your task is to help Santa Claus overcome dangerous challenges on the way to delivering Christmas gifts. This is a very interesting challenge but it is also quite difficult because it is very cold and freezing snow hinders your gift delivery trip. But the little ones are eagerly waiting for gifts from you. So you need to go quickly through the obstacles to be able to deliver the gifts in time.


  • Pay attention to the deep holes because if you fall down you will have to stop the game and you will not be able to complete your mission.
  • In addition, snow and ice spots can also trap you. It crosses the road right above your head. And to get past them the only thing you can rlafm is to slide over. Because if you stand up straight you will definitely hit them and get injured.
  • There are also Zombies prowling your way. but stay calm because you have very good skills. Jump over them!


  • To get to Santa Claus, simply touch the screen.
  • Before nightfall, increase your speed.
  • To get to the castle, run to the end of each level.
  • To navigate the woodland, tap the screen.
  • Collect gifts in the bush while avoiding being discovered by hunters.
  • Complete the levels by running.
  • The music is soothing, and the sound effects are excellent.
  • There are four worlds in all, each with 20 challenging stages.



How to play

Use arrow keys to control Santa.