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Sausage Run

Billy bobby
About Sausage Run


 Join the race to the finish line of extremely interesting food in the game Sausage Run. You control a hot dog guy to overcome the obstacles in the kitchen to get back to safety.
 In this special and exciting race, you need to overcome many dangerous challenges such as racing chains, water tanks, and chainsaws,... All these tools can cut your character to pieces if you don't know how to control them. control the character to pass at the right time.

  • Your opponents are other food puzzles in the kitchen. All of them are very good in this race. So to win you need to save time and go as fast as possible.
  • But do not lose your temper when there are many opponents beside you on the track. You will fall into dangerous traps at any time.
    Try to use your chance to get past these deadly traps.


  • As you overcome hurdles, test your ultimate abilities
  • Conquer a variety of difficult stages.
  • Simple and enjoyable gameplay
  • Just get the sausage to the finish line.
  • Several difficult levels
  • The level of difficulty ranges from very easy to extremely severe.
  • Controlled by intuition.
  • The gameplay is straightforward but difficult.
  • Graphic design that is elegant and stylish.

How to play

Left-click to speed up your character.