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Shadow Fighters: Hero Duel

Billy bobby
About Shadow Fighters: Hero Duel


 Shadow Fighters: Hero Duel is an intriguing fighting action game. In this game, you will transform into a hero and fight other heroes in duel battles.

 Control your character to fight in a duel between superheroes. In this game, you will transform into a superhero and they knock your enemies down with amazing kicks and punches. Your opponent is also a superhero. Superheroes do not use weapons and they use their own innate fighting ability to fight. Therefore, when entering the official match, you should see who your opponent is and what abilities have to choose a suitable superhero for that battle. You can choose one of the famous superheroes like Spider-Man, Iron Man or Hulk. Take control of your character and unleash beautiful combos to defeat your opponents. You have a health bar at the top of the screen. Follow this bar to know your health as well as your opponent's. Good luck and victory in every battle.

 This game has two game modes: Story Mode and Fight Vs. You can choose to play alone or invite a friend to play for two players. Choose your favorite model and start the game now to enjoy intense battles! You can experience cool graphics and effects as well as attractive gameplay.

Features of Shadow Fighters: Hero Duel 

  • The attractive fighting action game
  • 2 game modes: Story Mode and Fighting Vs
  • Various superheroes to choose

How to control

Player 1:

  • Move: "W,A,S,D" 
  • Punch: "F,G,H" 
  • Kick: "C, V"
  • Dash: "A-D" - 2X 

Player 2: 

  • Move: "ARROW KEYS" 
  • Punch: "U,I,O" 
  • Kick: "K,L" 
  • Dash: "LEFT-RIGHT ARROWS" - 2X