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Short Life 2

Billy bobby
About Short Life 2


 If you like the game Short Life, you won't want to miss Short Life 2. You will be able to complete new and more tough challenges in this version. That's because, in life, overcoming problems one by one brings you closer to the possibility of surviving. Allow the character to avoid becoming entangled in the thorn traps and dying. Please assist this man in surviving!

 Short Life 2 is a violent, bloody ragdoll game that a large number of people enjoy. This is the follow-up to the hugely successful Short Life game. Players will guide their character through lethal hazards in order to prevent a spectacular and painful demise.


  • Bloody graphics and many deadly traps.
  • Many obstacles and painful death of the character.
  • Real scary sound.
  • Unlockable characters.
  • 20 deadly levels waiting for you to conquer.
  • The game is not for the faint of heart.

How to play

To move your hero, use the arrow keys.